Our manufacturing unit will employ the latest technology to manufacture products that rival international standards. Mwana Manufacturing will strive to be the benchmark standard for durability and aesthetic appeal.

Mwana Filters

Manufacturing filters is now our main business. We manufacture the following types of filters:


  • Oil Filters
  • Air filters
  • Fuel Filters
  • Hydraulics Filters

Mwana Manufacturing oil filters are designed to fasten the movement of the machinery, secure the engine and reduce enterprise users’ outlay, efforts and resource engagements on recurring repair and maintenance of the hardware. Our air filters are designed to fasten the movement of the machinery, secure the engine and reduce the enterprise users’ expenditure, efforts and resource engagements on its recurring servicing and maintenance.

The usage of an inappropriate fuel filter can lead to additional hassles of recurrent servicing of the engine, poor acceleration or breakdown, damage to the fuel injection system and an overall reduced engine performance. Mwana Manufacturing, with the help of its advanced research and development team engineers premium quality petrol and diesel fuel filters to maintain a clean fuel and prevent damage to the sensitive components.

The fuel filters offered by Mwana Manufacturing comes in a variety of designs and sizes and the user can choose the products as per their requirement and utility.

Our hydraulic filters are designed to resist any metal particle and other contaminants like debris, dust and solid particles to defect the mechanical components, such as the pumps, control valves, and other pieces.

Mwana Group chemicals is answering to the need to provide healthy, cost effective and environmentally friendly household, industrial and personal hygiene chemical products for Zimbabwe and the regional market. Current product lines include:

  • filters
  • sanitizers
  • dishwashing liquids
  • multipurpose cleaners
  • engine cleaner
  • degreasers



Multi-purpose cleaner