Let's build a metal foundry together

Mwana Group is offering you an opportunity to join us on this fantastic journey of growth. We are fundraising US$100,000 (one hundred thousand US dollars) to build a metal foundry in Zimbabwe which will process 100 tonnes of scrap metal per month. The scrap metal will be sourced locally, smelted, molded and machined into high quality automotive components such as cranks shafts, pistons, brake discs, engine blocks, filters and much more. Mwana Group is looking for 100 partners to invest a minimum of US$1000 (one thousand US dollars) each towards the project. We are offering guaranteed annual returns – 15% and early bird preferential opportunity to become a shareholder of Mwana Group in due course. Please check out information on this page to find out more about how you can become part of this fantastic story. 

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Background of Mwana Group (Pvt Ltd)

Mwana Group Pvt Ltd is a Zimbabwean Company founded by Dr. Kuda Mutenda in 2017 and registered in 2019. Mwana Group’s four pillars of focus are Manufacturing, Construction, Service and Philanthropic activities, it intends to be an enabler of the socio-economic development of Zimbabwe. Operationally the company is the only manufacturer of automotive filters in Zimbabwe and has slowly progressed into one of the biggest automotive spare parts distributors in Zimbabwe. Mwana Group Pvt Ltd currently has five branches spread across Zimbabwe covering all the major economic hubs in the country in the following fields:

  • Leasing of earth moving vehicles and equipment
  • Supports construction companies with yellow machines as well as buses 
  • Garage that specialises in servicing Mercedes Benz vehicles

Why are we constructing a metal foundry in Zimbabwe?

From local scrap metal to high quality automotive components:

This crowdfunding initiative is intended to accelerate the growth of our company’s manufacturing footprint and also fill a gap in the technological development of Zimbabwe.  The country currently exports scrap metals at less than 20c per kg while importing finished metal products at more than US$3/kg. Dr Mutenda recognises the current lopsided set up as grossly disadvantageous to Zimbabwe and unsustainable in the long term. This feeds into perennial national imbalance of payments, lack of development and contributes to high poverty levels in the country. The bridge the gap Dr Mutenda intends to construct a state of the art metal foundry that will be smelting local scrap metal and machining it into high value automotive components such as filters, brake discs, pistons, cylinders and engine blocks.

How much is required to bring the metal foundry to life?

The project requires a total of only US$100,000 (one hundred thousand) to kick off. We are looking for ideally 100 investors to put together US$1000 (one thousand) each. Please note that the minimum investment is US$1000. The target figure of US$100k will be utilised as follows:

  • US$61,000 CAPEX for tooling, machinery and structure construction
  • US$39,000 working capital for raw materials, energy and other operational expenses

We require a small initial investment as we already own the land, already have qualified experts within our structure. And more importantly we already have a ready market for the products through our nationwide distribution network in Zimbabwe.  After 2-3 years, Mwana Group will scale up the project as we develop the distribution channel to include export into regional Southern African markets.

Your investment is in safe hands with Dr Kuda Mutenda

The company is led by Dr. Kuda Mutenda who was born in Zimbabwean and completed a series of studies linked to business management (2011), these were done over a period of 8 years in a number of countries i.e. Japan, Germany Switzerland and Taiwan. Following his studies, Dr Mutenda worked for Daimler AG (The parent company of Mercedes Benz, FUSO and Freightliner for over 16 years where he held several leadership roles in LCM (Life Cycle Management), Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, R&D and Global Strategy.  Throughout his career with DAIMLER AG he worked in different countries including Japan, Germany, Brazil, India, Kenya and Dubai. His role took him across the world to more than120 countries where he networked with some of the world leading specialists in the automotive industry. On returning to Zimbabwe in 2017, Dr Mutenda led operations at Mwana Group Pvt Ltd with distinction and quickly rose above the competition to win various awards. He earned recognition at prestigious events such as:

  • Company of the year: Zimbabwe Business Awards (ZIBA)
  • Businessman of the year: Zimbabwe Business Awards (ZIBA)
  • Most Innovative SMES of the year: Government of Zimbabwe
  • Director of the year: MEGAFEST BUSINESS AWARDS
  • CEO of the year: Zimbabwe CEO’s Network

Our Inspiration:

Mwana Group is based on the same structure as that of Japanese Trading Houses (Shosha), who have diversified operations touching virtually every economic activity that is key to National Development from Energy, Water, Food, Logistics, Banking, Construction, Manufacturing etc…  

Our company is on the way to becoming a Zimbabwean Shosha, a Champion of national Development and also a case study for others to follow.  

In the current difficult economic conditions in Zimbabwe, Mwana Group has continued to grow thanks to its extremely lean structure, FOCUS ON SOLUTIONS and long-term drive that force the management to reinvest virtually all profits into new projects, as well as a rich international network of partners that come in with new ideas, inject capital and share global best practices that we ride on daily.

What’s in it for you as an investor? 

All investors coming in at this early stage of the project are offered the early-bird opportunity to become part of something special. Mwana Group guarantees you a healthy return on investment of 15% per annum.  Much more importantly early birds will be given certificates that can be redeemed for shares when the company makes its Initial Public Offering.

Early birds will be given preferential offer to become shareholders of Mwana Group. The future is bright. Pamberi Nebasa Rakanaka!!!


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